This is a short experience about our desires and the way they're connected to our communities. It does not have any interesting game mechanics to show but rather a story to tell. The story is told through basic shapes and very simplistic.

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Hope that you will enjoy and understand what I had to say. 

Published Jul 08, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorMihajlo Stefanović
Made withUnity
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, community, minigames, Short, story, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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May be I am too dumb to understand the meaning  , but i am really interested in that(also curious . It will be very nice if you could tell me the story of it :)

You are probably not dumb , this game is very abstract. 😁 I would love to tell you the story in words but I think that it's very hard or even impossible, that's why I made a game. I can just tell you that this is a story heavy based on it's title.

Thx for your reply. That's sounds like a riddle...I control the cube moving  till it meets the SUN(My understanding), then going back ,find out the final part of rectangle turning into mirror image (That's how I play this game.I don't know complete the final stage ORZ...Lots of questions..DESIRE for what ? Outside world?After our explores only to find we are not the same?(Or maybe I play it  in a WRONG way ...